We offer a diverse range of professional services which includes

Asset Valuation

We are licensed & trained to estimate the worth & value of properties for different purposes such as mortgage, insurance, merger & acquisition, rating, sales, purchase, accounting balance sheet, privatization and commercialization, compensation, joint venture development, public quotation and all types.

Property Management

Our team of management surveyors are specially trained to provide property management services of both residential and commercial properties. We emphasize due diligence in selection of suitable tenants. We are accountable to our clients whose properties are under our management portfolio.

Facility Management:

We are focused on the efficient delivery of support services to built-up environment and organizations that we serve, our goal as facility managers is to improve the quality of life of people and productivity of core business.

Real Estate Agency

we represent the interest of our clients (buyers, sellers, and prospective tenants) in selling, renting, leasing of both residential properties. Our service also includes negotiations, property listing, filling in contracts, listing agreement and purchase.

Investment Viability Appraisal

We help our client to determine the economic benefit & viability of any proposed real estate investment with consideration to legal & planning, locational potentials, market opportunities, cost effectiveness analysis in order to determine it’s prospect, potentials, feasibility and profitability.

Project Management

This involves the administration of real estate development projects and co-ordination of relevant consultants from conception to ensure its successful realization within reasonable time cost limit.