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Qualities of a good tenant

To mention but a few, the following are the qualities of a good tenant:

1. Pays rent on time without defaulting.

2 Notifies beforehand if the rent will arrive late or a bit delayed with sound reasons.

2. A good tenant is easy to communicate with, they are accessible, responsive, respectful, empathetic & easy to deal with.

3. A good tenant is accomodating, they provide access for a scheduled routine inspection of the demised property.

4. A good tenant takes good care of the property. They take responsibility for damages and repairs caused by them and they do not destroy the landlord’s fixtures and fittings.

5. A good tenant adheres to legislation and terms of the tenancy contract.

6. A good tenant when prospecting for rental properties provides well-detailed information fully completed with all required evidence, contact details of referees and guarantors, shows evidence of tenancy history.

Very importantly, most good tenants always end up becoming great landlords.

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Dinstinction between property management and facility management

Property Management focuses on the building itself, it involves the ADMINISTRATION of lease.

Some common duties include:
•Profilling & selection of suitable tenants,
•Rent collection and remittance.
•Routine inspection.
•Coordinating maintenance.
•Overseeing reinvestments in the building.


Facility Management encompasses the responsibility of ensuring FUNCTIONALITY, COMFORT, SAFETY, and EFFICIENCY of the built environment by:
•Intregrating people providing services of the common good.
•Managing vendors, janitors, and artisans. •Ensuring all process obligations and support services are well-coordinated and integrated.

Our services in these areas will be relevant to a host of property owners.